Insight : over Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is creating buzz everywhere in overnight . Many psychologists accepted  that this game is so addictive . Let have an insight over Pokémon Go.


This game uses almost all the features of you phone like camera,GPS,sensors….ect . The gameplay is very simple using location we have to capture Pokemon like Pikachu,Meowth,abra….ect in the real world and the we have to compete with the other real time player .
Game Attraction :
Unlike other game Pokemon Go uses real world locations . Yes its real augmented 3D game ever . There are several new features that will make you fall in love with this game . Within one week many gamers tweeted that they are addicted and even some caught in accidents .
Game succcess:
This game overtakes most of social network apps like Twitter,whatsapp..ect and has over 9 million real time player in the first week itself . This game is now avaliable for Android and iPhone. This game also hold the fame that it has the most play duration in-game(user engagement) .
Even though the game is pretty cool and very addictive . Its drains your battery, since it utilize you phone features .  Hope it will be the best game of year.


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