Sarahah – App Review

Sarahah intro

Sarahah is developed by an Sarahah .it’s seems to be theri first app and it’s popular youngsters and in social media. Initially it’s developed as an anonymous feedback app like you you can message whome ever you want either through the link or it’s app.


App perfomance:

App seems to be very simple by means of design and also it’s lite to install . Once you install this app you will created with a link like your gmail ID .Anyone can message to the link even without the app. Apps simple design it’s being both advantage and disadvantage .Eventhough the desing seems to be okay for the features it has interaction and engagement with the user is not good . For a new developer it’s a great success but app cannot engage the user for a long time .Though it’s fun to chat with an anonymous person but the moto of app is just to give feedback.


It’s do or die for flash !!

Adobe flash:

Adobe flash player is one of the oldest flash/media player that is still in use . It is used to execute rich media file and web formatted videos in online . Eventhough there are so many flaws on it still it’s being widely used around the world .it also helps the user to play online game and even some websites are created using this Adobe flash player to make it more interactive.

Adobe flash player

Do or Die Situation

Files that runs on this player are mostly gif animated or web formatted so it cannot be scanned or scrawled by search engine and also it is easily to by vulnerable so some the major contributor of flash player supported applications decide to stop using flash and even Adobe has accepted it and annonced that there won’t be any further Update for these flash player . Google says recent days chrome is facing many conflicts in executing media files and it not user friendly so it going stop using this kind of flash players . And in two to three months Google will come up with the solution for this problem . So if you are using flash for any of the purpose ready to switch.

Bye Bye to Apps on Google play store

Google play store is the primary source of Android apps.There are Hundred thousands of apps and games and are avaliable in this app store . Each give different experience to the user some are good and some are bad.

Google play store

Play Store Experience:

Everyday thousands of app and games are being published on play store. Most of the apps gives very bad experience to users .Recently Google says that it is going to enhance the user experience. As per this apps with less number of downloads and low graphic quality are consider to be low perfoming apps and they will removed from the play play store won’t support these kind of apps and these app will not have further Update. Apps will be ranked based on the perfomance and user experience similar to google page ranking techinques. So users using such app needs to be migrated to similar apps.So as per Google it’s bye bye to Apps!!

Cortana is rolling out for Android!!


Cortana is an personal digital assistant developed by Microsoft corporate specifically for Windows devices later version 10 in desktop and new arrivals of mobile . Which gives a tough compete Amazon and Google. Cortana desktop can sync hundreds of apps flawlessly.

Android version :

Yes !! Microsoft is going to release cortana Android version.The preview version of this app is now available in Google play store . Through cortana you can book tickets, paybill, recharge,..ect and it’s designed to sync most popular games. Other than this the mobile version can be connected to desktop version and can be accessed anywhere . Unlike amazon and Google cortana can be synced with 3rd party gadgets like fitbit,Netflix..ect in desktop version . Hope this can get better in Android since same platform can be synced actively.

No more MS Paint !

MS paint :

Microsoft Paint is shortly called as paint or MS Paint by it’s lovable users.  Ms paint is an graphic software installed in Windows system as default application. Recently there is a rumour that MS Paint is going to be shut down completely. As soon as this News went viral it’s users started trending it on social media .

MS Paint
MS Paint

Good news to paint lovers!!

As off now Microsoft has announced that MS Paint will not be there in every computer but it will be available in Microsoft store for free and the users can access it . And they have thanked MS Paint lovers for their unconditional love and support over a old and trustfull app (paint).And it’s official now that Paint is not going to be killed by it’s developers but it’s being moved to store to give way for its next generation Paint 3D.