Bluestacks 3 featured app player !!


Bluestacks app player  is developed by a American technology company named Bluestacks . The alpha version of Bluestacks app player is launched on  2011.   It’s work is to virtualze mobile app into desktop. In the initial version there where may glitches and only few app can be successfully virtualized on the desktop pc and also it’s only available for Windows PC . Soon they launched bluestacks 2.0 version on 2015. Which is available for both Windows and Mac OS .These version can play multiple apps simultaneously. But it doesn’t give a great gaming experience. 

Bluestacks 3.0
Bluestacks 3.0 Gaming platform.

Bluestacks 3.0:

Recently they have launched 3rd version of bluestacks which is launched as two splits app player and gaming platform.This allows user to play all kind of apps that are available on play store.  Bluestacks3 is specialised to give a great gaming experience to the user .It has adaptive sound technology to enchance the sound experience of the mobile games .It also has an automated resolution engine which effectively converts the best resolution to the use.  It also won the editors choice award for the best app player and bluestacks assures the user to provide an ultimate experience and the important thing is it’s still a freeware. 

YouTube Go ! Unreleased.Unleashed .

YouTube is a social platform that allows users to share And upload videos but it will not allow user to download video from it .eventhogh there are other platform like tubemate,YouTube downloader..ect that allows user to download video from it .Now Google is ready to streamline this downloading process .

YouTube Go

YouTube Go 

Yes it’s  YouTube Go.  It’s not offofficially launched but available for early access from playstore . It allows user to download videos from YouTube and user can access it anywhere anytime even you can access it in offline . It’s designed light weight and available for Android version jellybean and Adobe. Even user can control data by choosing file size.  Overall easy navigation and expected to be launched soon.

How to prevent cyber attack/Ransomware by “wannacry” ?

First we need to know what’s a ransomeware to prevent it .


Ransomeware is a malicious program /file that locks user data in the computer and it will be unlocked when user pays a ransom amount of money.  


Internet world is under attack by an cyberattack /ransomware . “Wannacry”is an hacker group is responsible for the recent ransomware attack .usually it spreads through  e-mail it may sound crazy but yes it is .user will receive a malicious program that will lock user data in the computer and it will not allow user to access it unless  user pays an amount via Bitcoin.

Once you pay that money via Bitcoin user will recive a key to unlock it . Then only user can asscess the data from the computer.


A britan student Marcus Hutchins has come up with  a solution to block this wannacry ransomeware. He designed a program called “kill switch”which runs on a kryptos logic which generates key to unlock these ransomeware . Microsoft the most attacked operating system by wannacry has asked it’s user to update the Windows system because most of the computers that were attacked are older Windows version.


 User can prevent this cyber attack by ignoring malicious/ spam mails with ” .exe” files .don’t click on pop ups on browser when your surfing .don’t download unauthorized application . Safe browsing ,use only sites that has “https “.

Youtube’s Snoopavision

 Snoopa a intro

YouTube recently updated their 360 videos as snoopavision; Lets look into the variation that differs normal youtude video and a snoopa video


currently snoopa is in beta version so it is not available in all Videos. If the video has snoopa option it will be displayed with this snoopa icon .If you click this feature you can access the snoopa features .ie 360 degree view .

How to use snoopa?

Unlike normal video snoopa videos allows you to view from various angles that is a virtual 3D .such that you can view all the 360 of a 2D video.The arrows that are available on snoopavision videos will help you to view 360 degree angles.but the defect is a normal user may miss the actual moto of the video . for example the cameraman wish to give a perfect shot but in snoopa the viewers vision is the camera angle.

How to create a 360 degree video?

Al that you need to create a 360 video is a 360 degree camera that is available on all camera shops. and a video editing software. Shoot a video using 360 camera and edit as you wish.And now your 360 /snoopa dogg video is ready.Youtube next is crazy.


Top three torrents – Top Torrents

Torrents are the easiest way to download large data files like movie,games,application ..ect Top three trusted torrent sites are mentioned here
1)kickass torrents
   Kickass torrent shortly called as Kat . is trusted on the basis if safety of the computer . click here to go


   Torrentz is most commonly used torrent site and mostly preferred in India .but its contains some malfunctioning application and adwares . click here to go
   High quality media files and movies. Commonly used as movie torrents.
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