How to install the 3rd party Android apps in your mobile ?


Android is an open source operating system avalibe for mobile devices, TV and even computers .Android OS is one of the most widely used OS in the world. Anyone can develop app and it be uploaded on the app store like play store ,amazon play store ect .Most mobile devices will accepts app form these kind app stores .

Android App
Android App

And most device won’t allow you to install apps that are not available in approved mobile app stores. 

Installing 3rd party apps:

There are two ways to install 3rd party apps .These 3rd party app are available in site like mobiginie,99apps..ect.Lets see how  to install those apps. One by changing your mobile settings to allow to install 3rd party apps .This option can be found on Devices >advanced option/ setting.and the other is a bit complex  you have root your mobile by process called Mobile routing .you can install apps by this method. If you are going to install these kind of 3rd party app beaware some app might steal your data or it can be an adware.


How to swap your SIM service provider without changing the number ? (MNP)

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Mobile Number portability is implemented in various countries around the world . Initially it was started as Fixed line porting and it will be name according to the country in most of the country’s it is termed as mobile number probability  (MNP).This transportation process will monitored by the state or country’s  department of telecomunication (DoT). This process reduce the multi SIM usage and increase compicompitation among network providers 

Mobile Number portability

MNP Procedure: 

 MNP has various procedure across the world let us take India for example . In India if wish to port your SIM to other network providers you sholud  have an active SIM card with at least 90 days old and there should not be any due in payment .if you have this then you can start the porting process .

1)First you have to send an message from the number which you wish to port like Port <9×××××××××> to 1900 which is to TRAI 

2)Then you will receive an UPC(unique porting code ) using this code you can walk into the nearest network retailer and fill the procedure then they will give you a dummy SIM . 

3)This process of porting will take 5-7 days in India where as in us or Canada immediate porting option is available.This process is free and the new SIM will charged 10 -15 as per network operator. 

4)once the old SIM is deactivated then you have to intsert the new (dummy)  SIM .

5)Then you have to call  the specific customer care number to activate the new SIM. 

Thus these are the step to swap your SIM service without changingthe number.  If any queries Comment below I’ll reply with possible solution.

Whatsapp update 2017.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messenger of recent times . Few days back whatsapp got updated to version 2.17 . 

New feature :

WhatsApp is updated with gif feature which is not in previous versions . Facebook and hike messenger has their unique sticker and gif and now whatsapp WhatsApp allows you to send and recive gif . 

How to access gif in whatsapp ?

Unlike facebook its very simple to access whatsapp gif . Click on emojis as you do usually. After update  it will show you like this (above picfure ) Click on gif option and choose the gif image that you wish to send . Then click on sendnow option. 

Upadte whats app and enjoy this New feature!  

Be a beta tester and enjoy whatsapp video call feature 

Google play store allows the app developers to upload the beta version (trail version ) of application for specified vera users . That application or updated will be specifically available to these beta user . 

WhatsApp video call :

Whatsapp recently launched its video call feature  as as beta version . This can be accessed only by beta tester (user ) 

How to avail this feature ?

Follow these simple steps to became whatsapp beta tester and enjoy its new feature . Log in to your play  store account then click on whatsapp . Inside whatsapp scroll to bottom of the page there you could see become beta tester of this app in a small box and you will find a button with the name “I’m in “. Once you are done with it you will recive latest update . Then update your app and enjoy video calling feature.  

How to make a video call ?

Launch whatsapp . Click call tab there you will find a call plus option on the top left corner . Click that option . Then it will show list of contacts with options to call such as whatsapp voice call and whatsapp video call .select video button along the side of the contact whome you wanna make a call.

To enjoy  this feature you can call only another beta tester who has this update .

Best Launcher’s to customize your phone

Based on simplicity, performance and customization the following are the five launchers to customize your android phone.

Solo Launcher:

Solo launcher is very simple to handle and also is occupies only less amount of space .and its absolutely free to use . some of its features are :

Quick Gestures: Solo launcher allows you to create various quick gestures and it is very easy to assign apps to the gesture.

Themes and Wallpapers: There are numerous themes and wallpapers and they are unique

Nova launcher:

Nova launcher has tons of customization , off-course some options are Paid . Nova offers two variants Free and Paid version.Most unique features of Nova launcher are as follows:

Gestures: Similar to other launcher Nova allows you to create own gestures but for all options you need to get paid version.

Scroll Effects: Nova offers you various scroll effects and app drawer animation and they are quite impressive.

Unread Counts: It allows you to display unread counts in notification bar for most commonly use apps like whatsapp, Facebook,mail..ect and that too with customize options.


Google Now:

Google Now offers you much more facilities than other launcher but app drawer customization is not much impressive than others.Impressive features are:

Quick Access: Most of the google product comes with Google Now as the default launcher and apps are easily accessible.

Ok Google: Now offers you the ok google , which operates phones major app using voice commands and also allows you search google.

Yahoo Aviate:

Yahoo’s Aviate is another simple launcher that doesn’t have much customization but its very simple to use . some unique features are:

Smart Stream: Aviate allows the user to flow to app drawer and contact just by swiping left and right . Apps are organized by A-Z and frequently used.

Unique Wallpapers: Aviate provides the user with lots of unique wallpapers through Flicker and also it allows the user to change the wallpaper automatically through internet .

GO Launcher :

GO launcher occupies large space simultaneously with lots of customization .It has lot of default apps like clocks, smart lock,keypad ..etc for unique customization and smooth performance some unique features are:

Widgets: Go launcher allows the user to create more personalized widgets , but most are like plugin apps so it occupies much space in your phones memory.

Hope ! These apps will help your to customize you phone . These ratings are based my personal opinion and user reviews in google play store .