Blogger vs WordPress !


Blogger is a blog publishing tool developed at Pary Labs . Then it’s bought by Google.Inc.  Initially it was  as simple as a weppage then Google made many changes in both look and perfomance wise.


WordPress is developed by WordPress  foundation. It is a content management system.  It will allow the user to manage webpage / site easily . It is available for free as well as paid .27 % of the total web traffic comes from WordPress 

WordPress vs Blogger
WordPress vs Blogger

What’s different between them? 

As said early blogger cannot be installed in  3rd party web servers. Where as WordPress can do thia easily . Customization option in WordPress is far better than blogger . And also WordPress more search engine friendly I.e it allow you user to install SEO plug-in like yoast,meta tags,ect . There are huge number of template themes available for WordPress. If it’s a free version both are more or less same but if you move to paid version WordPress is undoubtedly the winner .The only thing that made blooger so good is it is easy to get adsense approval of you have an uniques content and certain views .

If you are looking to make money without spending a single penny they blogger is the only option but if your looking to make a website for other purpose like business, personal..ect WordPress stays ahead .


How to embed PDF file to your blog?

If want to embed an PDF file in your blog just follow these steps

1) First login your google docs and upload the file that you want to add and make it to share in public

2)click on the file and choose embed this pdf file

3) it will show the embed script code ie..embed script

4) copy this script and paste where you want to publish the pdf in your blod

Easy ways to Monitize your blogs/website

Every on know google Adsense is the most popular ad agency . here some of the alternatives for adsense .

1. Revenue Hits

Revenue hits is a Performance Ad network, which means they pay you for results (CPA which is great for many niches), however, they have CPM and CPC models too.

2. Adversal

Adversal is a great alternative of Adsense and works as great as Chitika. They have good banners and the CTR and revenue adapts to get the best results for your website.

3.Propeller Ads Media

Propeller Ads is one of the biggest pop-under networks available. They started working on 2011 and quickly developed into one of the biggest networks with great CPMs.


PopAds is a performance network specialized in Pop Unders. They have good rates and they can monetize all countries. Something great about PopAds is that they can pay daily as long as you earn $5 or more per day.

5.Yllix Media

Yllix is a network I have heard a lot in the last years that has a decent CPM and many monetization options. Their homepage might look simple but their dashboard is great and it’s easy to get started.

How to build a website ?

     Its not a hard job to build a site . The basic is you need to know any of these language php,asp .net,js,XML,…ext .and HTML is basic to all these. To decorate your site you need to do some CSS work . if you know photoshop then it will be very easy .


  After building your site if you need to view it mobile you should need to add bootstrap . then you need to host your site to view the site in internet .

  If you found its very hard then try blogging . its very simple and free !!