Updated Whatsapp!

Whatsapp is updating its features day by day. Last time they update to send Pdf files and documents attachachments . Have you updated your whatsapp recently ? Yes !they have updated with text formatting like bold, italic and strike .

How to use this text formatting ?

They have not give any new options and Buttons to format the text . They have introduce a new way to do this ? Yes !its entirely different way to do it.


Like they have gave syntax for every formatting like for bold there is a syntax.These syntax are
*bold*- To bold a text
_Italic_ – To italic a text
~strike~ – To strike a text
For example if you are sending a text like hi you can give *hi* to bold the text and it will be displayed as hi . Similarly other text formats.
Is this only update they made ? They have made some other updates to like some changes in notification , bugfix ..ect . Hope this update will useful to highlight text using these text format option .


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