Android one vs Go edition

Android Oreo comes with two different editions Android one ia android one and android Go . One comes with pure Android which has only Android specific apps (Google products )similarly Go edition will have edition specific apps for example Google assistant GO..ect. The reason is to give good Android experience to the user but how both this differ ?The answer is here

Android one is same the software that’s being used on high end devices but it’s enhanced by the UI developed by the specific brand like MIUI for MI phones. Phone without any of these UI is Android One or pure Android. Initially Android one is released to give good user experience to low end mobile users with low specification but now days most of the high end devices comes with Android One to reduce the software cost and improve performance with low spec chip set.

Android one

To overcome this google came up with the new edition which the Go edition. The GO edition OS size is reduced by removing unwanted apps and must have apps like playstore, maps …ect are redesigned to a lighter version I.e GO Maps ..ect. The is similar to Facebook Lite, messenger Lite ..ect these lite version of are collectively known as GO edition recommend apps on playstore. As the size of apps are reduced much and can be run using 1 or below RAM variants. These phones are launched on MWC (mobile world congress). And high end phones with Android one knownly Nokia New series Scoricon were also launched in the same event.

These phones will get direct updates and patches from Google directly. However they are launched with the latest version of Android and will continue to be latest .


Expanding Twitter

Is Twitter expanding its character limit? Yes , Twitter latest tweet confirmed that it’s going to increase its character limit. Twitter is one of the most trusted social network that’s used world wide though it’s hard to express all your emotions in 140 character’s but the users loved it . Many users suggested to increase its character limit.


Now Twitter official announced to increase its character limit to 260 word count this helps to increase Twitter advertising and average user time spent on a post/tweet . The actual tweet says

“We’re expanding the character limit! We want it to be easier and faster for everyone to express themselves. More characters. More expression. More of what’s happening.Source:”

Sure it is easier to express any emotions within 260 character’s and will lead to user engagment. Let’s hope will give user a while new experience.

IPhone x – New features

Iphone is a brand of Apple Inc specially for mobile. It’s a huge set of audience over eastern European countries and now it’s market expands all over the world after globalisation.Each iPhone generation has an unique build hardware and software update. As the follow-up of IPhone 7 th generation it’s lined up with the new arrivals of IPhone x and iPhone 8 . IPhone x is the costliest of all .

IPhone x

Features and Flaws :

Iphone 10 or IPhone X has more technical advancement than any other IPhone. Some of its special features .

Face ID

your phone identifies you. Yes ! IPhone 10 will recognize the user by an unique feature called Face Id. This is supported by a specially designed bionic chip.users face will be identified by over 30 thousands of dots and importantly irrespective to light.


IPhone x takes emojis to the next level called animoji. Using face detection it converts an emoji into an animation emoji. And also user can change the voice on this animoji.

Depth sensing camers

Camera is totally redesigned two to provide depth in the photo and give the user with best shoot.

Where is the home button?

Yes ! Iphone X dosent have a home button and replaced with a full 5 inh HD display. And the glassy edge and finishing give you great feel.

Augmented reality

New iOS and Bionic chip allows the user to feel the augmented reality in real life using the rare camera.

Flaws expected

Face ID is expected to be a flaw though it’s tested already but reality conditions may differ. Due to weather conditions, travel ,aging factors…ect. price range iPhone 10 is the costliest of all even the 64GB varient will cost you around 89k and the next varient will cost you around 99k.

Knight IO Game Review !!

Knight IO

Knight IO is developed by an new age game developing company Super Happy Fun Time . Knight IO and Dice Smash are their officially relsead games and has a unique set of audience. And also they have a huge set of games in their line up.

Knight IO

Game Play:

Knight IO is flagged as casual game . The game is simple each player is a knight and you have poke your opponent team. Game has unique powerups . Though Game controls and graphics looks common the game is fun to play .The team which has high points at the end will win the game .Player will have unlimited life during the game time. It can be played either as single and multilayer game. If you are looking for best fun multilayer game then this will be one of it. You can play with your Facebook friend and you can share socially. Apart from sound and graphics Knight IO is a mid sized game can be played on all the smartphone avalible in Google play store .

How to buy laptop? – Laptop buying guide

Laptop’s became part of our life and it’s very helpful in this lifestyle to maintain work life balance. Eventhough it’s the miniature version of desktop pc portability and many other features makes it more essential. And now more people are intersted in buying laptop rather than buying a desktop pc .

How to buy laptop

Laptop can be bought by satisfying any one of the below list .

Price range:

Fix a price rage for example if your Max budget is 30k the search for best laptop within the price range of 20k to 30k with the atmost best configuration for that price .

Laptop usage :

You can buy laptop based on one of the following usages home,work,multimedia and gaming for example if you are buying a laptop for home usage you can buy any low configured laptops that you like.


Some people will be keen on the pc’s configuration. They will look for specific processor or graphic card ..ect . If you so you can search laptop with specific configuration. For example i5 processor . Search for laptops with that processor and buy the laptop that suites your configuration and budget


For brand sake, Yeah some people don’t even know anything about laptop’s configuration,OS, usage ..ect but they will buy laptop only for the brand value. If you are looking so choose the specific brand and buy the laptop that suites your configuration or price.

Operating system:

This will play the key factor in buying a laptop. Yes choose the OS you need and search for the laptop that suites you. For example most people will look for Windows OS fix the OS as Windows and search for the laptop that suites you.

These are the things I used see before buying an laptop pc .hope this one help you to buy the best pc.