How to buy laptop? – Laptop buying guide

Laptop’s became part of our life and it’s very helpful in this lifestyle to maintain work life balance. Eventhough it’s the miniature version of desktop pc portability and many other features makes it more essential. And now more people are intersted in buying laptop rather than buying a desktop pc .

How to buy laptop

Laptop can be bought by satisfying any one of the below list .

Price range:

Fix a price rage for example if your Max budget is 30k the search for best laptop within the price range of 20k to 30k with the atmost best configuration for that price .

Laptop usage :

You can buy laptop based on one of the following usages home,work,multimedia and gaming for example if you are buying a laptop for home usage you can buy any low configured laptops that you like.


Some people will be keen on the pc’s configuration. They will look for specific processor or graphic card ..ect . If you so you can search laptop with specific configuration. For example i5 processor . Search for laptops with that processor and buy the laptop that suites your configuration and budget


For brand sake, Yeah some people don’t even know anything about laptop’s configuration,OS, usage ..ect but they will buy laptop only for the brand value. If you are looking so choose the specific brand and buy the laptop that suites your configuration or price.

Operating system:

This will play the key factor in buying a laptop. Yes choose the OS you need and search for the laptop that suites you. For example most people will look for Windows OS fix the OS as Windows and search for the laptop that suites you.

These are the things I used see before buying an laptop pc .hope this one help you to buy the best pc.


It’s do or die for flash !!

Adobe flash:

Adobe flash player is one of the oldest flash/media player that is still in use . It is used to execute rich media file and web formatted videos in online . Eventhough there are so many flaws on it still it’s being widely used around the world .it also helps the user to play online game and even some websites are created using this Adobe flash player to make it more interactive.

Adobe flash player

Do or Die Situation

Files that runs on this player are mostly gif animated or web formatted so it cannot be scanned or scrawled by search engine and also it is easily to by vulnerable so some the major contributor of flash player supported applications decide to stop using flash and even Adobe has accepted it and annonced that there won’t be any further Update for these flash player . Google says recent days chrome is facing many conflicts in executing media files and it not user friendly so it going stop using this kind of flash players . And in two to three months Google will come up with the solution for this problem . So if you are using flash for any of the purpose ready to switch.

Is it safe to use password managers?

Password Managers

Password Managers or password generator is used to manage passwords for apps and websites. Each password app either it may be desktop app or website app it will use an encrypting program to manage the passwords that you use . This can also be used as file encryption. Similarly some managing app uses password generator they will generator a password every time when a user uses it.

Password Managers

Is it safe ?

Except few apps most of the password managers or not safe . Most users are not aware of the encryption program that they are using in some worst case scenario some apps directly save the passwords to an database file and they encrypt it which more vulnerable because if any fault in decrypting the file can make your day bad .And also hackers can easily asscess these kind of files easily.

I strongly suggest not use any password managers /generator because when it comes on to online privacy is more important than anything.

Chatbot on Facebook!!


Chatbot is an autoreply program that allows business page admins to engage their Facebook page audiences. Basic functionality is to auto reply an user/messenger with a preprogrammed set of texts. For example if an user texts your page hi this chatbot will reply Hi, Happy to see you here !!

If you are good at programming then you can add features like updates, promotion ,..ect

Facebook chatbot rollout:

Facebook is one of the powerful social media that has a huge set of audience. Holding a set of audience on your Facebook business page will really help you grow your business and increase you site organic traffic . Facebook can support various per build or 3rd party chatbot . 3rd party chatbot builder such as chatfuel ,text it,convers …ect will help you to build you chatbot with less programming knowledge. If you are good enough to work on API based integration then you add various AI like news bot ,weather bot..ect to you chatbot.once you build your chatbot you a set it as you facebook page chatbot by choosing setting icon on messenger icon if will allow you to add these kind of chatbot.building an effective chatbot will also make your site or Facebook page effective and more valuable .

Blogger vs WordPress !


Blogger is a blog publishing tool developed at Pary Labs . Then it’s bought by Google.Inc.  Initially it was  as simple as a weppage then Google made many changes in both look and perfomance wise.


WordPress is developed by WordPress  foundation. It is a content management system.  It will allow the user to manage webpage / site easily . It is available for free as well as paid .27 % of the total web traffic comes from WordPress 

WordPress vs Blogger
WordPress vs Blogger

What’s different between them? 

As said early blogger cannot be installed in  3rd party web servers. Where as WordPress can do thia easily . Customization option in WordPress is far better than blogger . And also WordPress more search engine friendly I.e it allow you user to install SEO plug-in like yoast,meta tags,ect . There are huge number of template themes available for WordPress. If it’s a free version both are more or less same but if you move to paid version WordPress is undoubtedly the winner .The only thing that made blooger so good is it is easy to get adsense approval of you have an uniques content and certain views .

If you are looking to make money without spending a single penny they blogger is the only option but if your looking to make a website for other purpose like business, personal..ect WordPress stays ahead .