Expanding Twitter

Is Twitter expanding its character limit? Yes , Twitter latest tweet confirmed that it’s going to increase its character limit. Twitter is one of the most trusted social network that’s used world wide though it’s hard to express all your emotions in 140 character’s but the users loved it . Many users suggested to increase its character limit.


Now Twitter official announced to increase its character limit to 260 word count this helps to increase Twitter advertising and average user time spent on a post/tweet . The actual tweet says

“We’re expanding the character limit! We want it to be easier and faster for everyone to express themselves. More characters. More expression. More of what’s happening.Source: https://t.co/wBpYdy1K40”

Sure it is easier to express any emotions within 260 character’s and will lead to user engagment. Let’s hope will give user a while new experience.


Hurray!! It’s time to dip your phone into Oreo…

Android update

As a part of Android open source program Google will update Android software to make it more effective and customise. Now they have officially revealed that their next update will be Android O and it’s named as Oreo. This article is about it’s feature and release date.

Android O

Android Oreo:

Oreo developer preview has been released a month ago and it got a good review and now it’s going to be out for all users some of its features are

Reduce battery usage:

Oreo automatically closes apps that are not used over a period of time this helps the reduce the usage of battery consumption and Improves mobile speed .

Multitasking :

As Android already allows you to do multitasking Oreo enhance all the apps to do multitasking on various screens orientations.

Fun emojis:

Oreo allows you to send and receive new emojis and will available on all messaging platforms.

User interface:

Android O is enhanced with new icons as it always dose .and also it there are some major change in interface like you can directly interact with icons I.e if you receive message or notification you can view by simply hold that icon.

As everything is good Oreo will be available on hands by this year end on major mobile companies like samsung ,nexus ,Nokia..ect .

Bye Bye to Apps on Google play store

Google play store is the primary source of Android apps.There are Hundred thousands of apps and games and are avaliable in this app store . Each give different experience to the user some are good and some are bad.

Google play store

Play Store Experience:

Everyday thousands of app and games are being published on play store. Most of the apps gives very bad experience to users .Recently Google says that it is going to enhance the user experience. As per this apps with less number of downloads and low graphic quality are consider to be low perfoming apps and they will removed from the play store.so play store won’t support these kind of apps and these app will not have further Update. Apps will be ranked based on the perfomance and user experience similar to google page ranking techinques. So users using such app needs to be migrated to similar apps.So as per Google it’s bye bye to Apps!!

Whatsapp update 2017.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messenger of recent times . Few days back whatsapp got updated to version 2.17 . 

New feature :

WhatsApp is updated with gif feature which is not in previous versions . Facebook and hike messenger has their unique sticker and gif and now whatsapp WhatsApp allows you to send and recive gif . 

How to access gif in whatsapp ?

Unlike facebook its very simple to access whatsapp gif . Click on emojis as you do usually. After update  it will show you like this (above picfure ) Click on gif option and choose the gif image that you wish to send . Then click on sendnow option. 

Upadte whats app and enjoy this New feature!  

Be a beta tester and enjoy whatsapp video call featureĀ 

Google play store allows the app developers to upload the beta version (trail version ) of application for specified vera users . That application or updated will be specifically available to these beta user .

WhatsApp video call :

Whatsapp recently launched its video call feature as as beta version . This can be accessed only by beta tester (user )

How to avail this feature ?

Follow these simple steps to became whatsapp beta tester and enjoy its new feature . Log in to your play store account then click on whatsapp . Inside whatsapp scroll to bottom of the page there you could see become beta tester of this app in a small box and you will find a button with the name “I’m in “. Once you are done with it you will recive latest update . Then update your app and enjoy video calling feature.

How to make a video call ?

Launch whatsapp . Click call tab there you will find a call plus option on the top left corner . Click that option . Then it will show list of contacts with options to call such as whatsapp voice call and whatsapp video call .select video button along the side of the contact whome you wanna make a call.

To enjoy this feature you can call only another beta tester who has this update .