Google Allo : Preview

   Google recently launched its video calling app with many new features and its running successfully. And now Google is going to launch an new chat app called Google Allo .Lets look into Allo ,

Allo the chat app

Material design:
  Looks like Allo is having the same simple goole themed resembles facebook chat messenger . But the chat window is multi color .seems to be customizable .

Google Assistant:
Like Hike’s Natasha , Google Assistant will give in app suggestion like local shops,restaurant review ..ect. unlike Hike , Google assistant suggests with Google place or maps. So it will very accurate and useful

Google allo

Incognito Chat:
  Allo allows you to chat in Private window so some personal chat history will not be saved . It seems to be an interesting feature hope everyone loves but it also looks like a security threat.

  Allo has an unique quality of sticker collection that will allow the user to send and recive stickers .

  Allo has many new features but the number of chat apps in the market seems it will have a tough fight . Lets wait for the release date .


4 thoughts on “Google Allo : Preview

  1. bestapplock August 17, 2016 / 12:43 pm

    Thanks for sharing this app..seems worthy trying.
    Just wonder if you can also write reviews for our app? It named ‘AppLock’, used to lock apps and datas in phone. one of the best download in Playstore.
    any interest please let me know, thank you!


      • bestapplock August 19, 2016 / 8:35 am

        so would you like to review our ‘AppLock’?


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