No more MS Paint !

MS paint :

Microsoft Paint is shortly called as paint or MS Paint by it’s lovable users.  Ms paint is an graphic software installed in Windows system as default application. Recently there is a rumour that MS Paint is going to be shut down completely. As soon as this News went viral it’s users started trending it on social media .

MS Paint
MS Paint

Good news to paint lovers!!

As off now Microsoft has announced that MS Paint will not be there in every computer but it will be available in Microsoft store for free and the users can access it . And they have thanked MS Paint lovers for their unconditional love and support over a old and trustfull app (paint).And it’s official now that Paint is not going to be killed by it’s developers but it’s being moved to store to give way for its next generation Paint 3D.

Blogger vs WordPress !


Blogger is a blog publishing tool developed at Pary Labs . Then it’s bought by Google.Inc.  Initially it was  as simple as a weppage then Google made many changes in both look and perfomance wise.


WordPress is developed by WordPress  foundation. It is a content management system.  It will allow the user to manage webpage / site easily . It is available for free as well as paid .27 % of the total web traffic comes from WordPress 

WordPress vs Blogger
WordPress vs Blogger

What’s different between them? 

As said early blogger cannot be installed in  3rd party web servers. Where as WordPress can do thia easily . Customization option in WordPress is far better than blogger . And also WordPress more search engine friendly I.e it allow you user to install SEO plug-in like yoast,meta tags,ect . There are huge number of template themes available for WordPress. If it’s a free version both are more or less same but if you move to paid version WordPress is undoubtedly the winner .The only thing that made blooger so good is it is easy to get adsense approval of you have an uniques content and certain views .

If you are looking to make money without spending a single penny they blogger is the only option but if your looking to make a website for other purpose like business, personal..ect WordPress stays ahead .

Google Lens – an overview

Google I/O Developer conference 

Google I/O 17 recently held by Google at San  Francisco. It’s just a annual developer conference held year but this year it’s has so many features to look around . CEO Sundar Pichai has quoted that “Google is moving towards AI”  .

Google Lens 

Google Lens found to be the opening keynote of I/O 17 . As CEO quoted Google is moving towards artificial intelligence  (AI) Google Lens will be its first step towards it . Product demo found to be a big deal for Google AI . The concept is to show data of person/ object  captured by a smartphone camera .It’s may sound easy but data behind this will show how big it is .

Google Lens
Google Lens demo

Lens vs Bixby 

This seems to be familiar with Samsung assistance BixBy it performs similar data retrieval process specispecifically for shopping.  But Lens is more than that lens works based on Google assistant which ia familiar with Android users .

Sundar said the app will be available later this year. Hopefully beat versions will be available later this year. 

My android !Test your taste

Want to customize your android device?  Now google made it simple . Check in google’s Android site .Few question to answer but it’s very interesting and interacting through its UI . After those question it will suggest few wallpaper ,screen locks and launchers as per your answers (Taste) . 

You can download it if you wish . But it helps you to test how creative are you ? . May this will help google to analyse how users are ? And in future this may help to create  more customized or a stable android version that allows users to customise as per their wish .However , Now let you test your taste and share it on your social media platform with the hashtag #My Android and paste your post link here .

Jio Wave – A complete view about Jio SIM

SIM Launch:

#Jio is creating buzz across the nation . Recently  Chairman Mukesh Ambani offically launched it it Reliance AGM function and it is live telecasted for the first time . The quoted tags of Jio “Dedicate to India and 1.2 billion Indians”  which is the future vision of PM’s Digital India . The launch itself brings a huge drawback to leading competitors like #Airtel who is the forerunner of 4G  service in India. Jio will be available form Sep-5


Welcome Offer: 

During launch he officially announce the welcome offer for all the Jio user . Even existing preview offer holder can extend to this welcome offer . Students can avail a special discount of 25% only by using their ID card. And this offer will be valid till this year end. Offer includes

  • Free unlimited 4G
  • Free Voice calls
  • One India plan
  • Free Local and STD SMS


After preview/ welcome offer the following #traffic will be applied


*** Please follow link for full traffic plans Postpaid / Prepaid traffic plans

As per the traffic plan start from Rs, 19 -5000 .  Chairman Mukesh Ambani said ” it is the cheapest data service globally ” but if you have deep look into the traffic plans ,if you recharge for Rs 499 you will get 4GB  which is Rs 125 approx. similarly , it keep on increasing when recharge below Rs 500 and simultaneously  price per GB decreases if  you recharge for higher rates . for example if you recharge for Rs 2499 your price Per GB will 70 rupees approx. So , The traffic plan is normal for poor and cheap for  rich .  It seems even in digital India  “#Rich gets Richer and Poor get Poorer ”