How newsletters help you get traffic?

Holding a website doesn’t get you the traffic you . You need to work really workhard .Newsletters is one such thing that helps you to reach the potential/relaible users . Subscription of newsletter will help you to get regullar traffic to your site.

How to add newsletter pop-up to your site ?

If you hold a CMS website like WordPress, blogger..ect will you give you plenty of option to add newsletter box such as plugins, sidebars ..ect but if you hold a website on your own they everything you need is just the pop-up scripts and a place that will get you more people.

Newsletter pop-up

These popup scripts are abundantly available on internet through the open source script/ code providers like get it hub , ..ect. placing pop up is more important considering these as more important . User satisfaction is more important placing a popup as 1×1 image will be a good option but the delay of pop up sholud be concerned. And placing it as sidebars will more effective.

How these popup help you to get traffic ?

These popup will give you potential subscribers who really looks for your content .The more subscribers you have the more traffic you get . You can get subscribers in organic way else you can buy subscribers mail from email marketing company like mailchamp..ect .if you have a quality content then obviously you get more organic traffic.These newsletters will help you to get immediate rank on the search engine . The higher the rank you get the more organic traffic you get .

When to send a newsletters?

Time really matters when you send a newsletters. First you need check with the search console which give you details about the time when you can reach the more visitors. These can be monitored over a period of time and then you need to send the newsletter . Subject of the newsletter is as much as important as time .Subject sholud be impressive . If you are a regullar blogger then newsletters will really help you .


Chatbot on Facebook!!


Chatbot is an autoreply program that allows business page admins to engage their Facebook page audiences. Basic functionality is to auto reply an user/messenger with a preprogrammed set of texts. For example if an user texts your page hi this chatbot will reply Hi, Happy to see you here !!

If you are good at programming then you can add features like updates, promotion ,..ect

Facebook chatbot rollout:

Facebook is one of the powerful social media that has a huge set of audience. Holding a set of audience on your Facebook business page will really help you grow your business and increase you site organic traffic . Facebook can support various per build or 3rd party chatbot . 3rd party chatbot builder such as chatfuel ,text it,convers …ect will help you to build you chatbot with less programming knowledge. If you are good enough to work on API based integration then you add various AI like news bot ,weather bot..ect to you chatbot.once you build your chatbot you a set it as you facebook page chatbot by choosing setting icon on messenger icon if will allow you to add these kind of chatbot.building an effective chatbot will also make your site or Facebook page effective and more valuable .

Are you serious in SEO ?Then these SEO tools are must for an startup

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

Optimizing you blog or website so that the search engine can easily crawl data from for it . Manual SEO needs lot of time and human resources but these tools can help you to reduce time and achieve your goal early and easily .

SEO tools
SEO Tools

Top free SEO tools

If you are just a start-up these free SEO tools will help you 

Keyword planner :

Keyword planner is used to research  keywords that can derive traffic to your site .you can type the keywords that you are looking for and estimate the traffic that it can derive . It also suggest keywords that are related to it you can also pick those keywords if you wish.

Robot.txt generator :

This tool allows you to generate a Robot.txt file . This will help search engine bots to crawl easily.and helps bot to identify which page sholud should be shown to the user


This site helps you to find articles that are buzzing around social media that are related to your topic.and it’s also show how many share and retweet the page . So that you can write an effective blog post.

Xml sitemap generator :

This tool helps you to generate your websites site map. Sitemaps are essential to make you site pages indexed properly. 

Google Search console  or webmaster

It give suggestions to optimize your website and make it more easy for user  to navigate. It’s also helps you to analyse how is your site perfomance and how to improve it.

This is similar to Google keyword planner. Helps you to choose the right keyword. 

Top paid SEO tools :

These paid tools will help you to all the  that helps your site to get noticed by search engine 


This is one of the most commonly used SEO tool it’s efficiency and accuracy make it unique and most powerful tool . It helps to check backlink, keyword planner ,site analysis..ect.


This is a similar seo tool that allow you improve your site perfomance cost wise majestic is good but ahref can do more than that. it is specialised for backlink chek. 

Moz :

Moz is similar kind of all in one SEO tool .

Other than these there are many tool that I have not mentioned here like smallseotool ,Alexa toolbar,SEO quack ,yoast for WordPress, may be any tool doing SEO  require lot of time .if you find these tool will help you or you know better tool than these comment below .

Paid vs Organic Traffic.

Paid Traffic:

Spending money on ad network like Facebook ads, Google AdWords ..ect are and deriving traffic to your website is  meant to be paid traffic.

Organic marketing 

The counter part of paid traffic is organic traffic which can be achieved only by optimizing your site using SEO strategies. 


Paid vs Organic 

Paid marketing(traffic) is done to achieve a goal in short time duration whereas Organic can not be achieved in a day or week it will take some months or even years. If you achieve success in organic traffic then advertise using Paid marketing method can derive you more conversion comparatively. And also organic traffic will give you long time benifites without money. This can be achieved by SEO and SMO .Organic will consume large amount of time and human resources. But you have a budget and knowledge in advertising you can achieve in paid marketing. 

I’ll suggest achieving Organic traffic before any kind of paid marketing is the best marketing practice to achieve your goal.