Is it safe to use password managers?

Password Managers

Password Managers or password generator is used to manage passwords for apps and websites. Each password app either it may be desktop app or website app it will use an encrypting program to manage the passwords that you use . This can also be used as file encryption. Similarly some managing app uses password generator they will generator a password every time when a user uses it.

Password Managers

Is it safe ?

Except few apps most of the password managers or not safe . Most users are not aware of the encryption program that they are using in some worst case scenario some apps directly save the passwords to an database file and they encrypt it which more vulnerable because if any fault in decrypting the file can make your day bad .And also hackers can easily asscess these kind of files easily.

I strongly suggest not use any password managers /generator because when it comes on to online privacy is more important than anything.

No more MS Paint !

MS paint :

Microsoft Paint is shortly called as paint or MS Paint by it’s lovable users.  Ms paint is an graphic software installed in Windows system as default application. Recently there is a rumour that MS Paint is going to be shut down completely. As soon as this News went viral it’s users started trending it on social media .

MS Paint
MS Paint

Good news to paint lovers!!

As off now Microsoft has announced that MS Paint will not be there in every computer but it will be available in Microsoft store for free and the users can access it . And they have thanked MS Paint lovers for their unconditional love and support over a old and trustfull app (paint).And it’s official now that Paint is not going to be killed by it’s developers but it’s being moved to store to give way for its next generation Paint 3D.

Bluestacks 3 featured app player !!


Bluestacks app player  is developed by a American technology company named Bluestacks . The alpha version of Bluestacks app player is launched on  2011.   It’s work is to virtualze mobile app into desktop. In the initial version there where may glitches and only few app can be successfully virtualized on the desktop pc and also it’s only available for Windows PC . Soon they launched bluestacks 2.0 version on 2015. Which is available for both Windows and Mac OS .These version can play multiple apps simultaneously. But it doesn’t give a great gaming experience. 

Bluestacks 3.0
Bluestacks 3.0 Gaming platform.

Bluestacks 3.0:

Recently they have launched 3rd version of bluestacks which is launched as two splits app player and gaming platform.This allows user to play all kind of apps that are available on play store.  Bluestacks3 is specialised to give a great gaming experience to the user .It has adaptive sound technology to enchance the sound experience of the mobile games .It also has an automated resolution engine which effectively converts the best resolution to the use.  It also won the editors choice award for the best app player and bluestacks assures the user to provide an ultimate experience and the important thing is it’s still a freeware. 

YouTube Go ! Unreleased.Unleashed .

YouTube is a social platform that allows users to share And upload videos but it will not allow user to download video from it .eventhogh there are other platform like tubemate,YouTube downloader..ect that allows user to download video from it .Now Google is ready to streamline this downloading process .

YouTube Go

Yes it’s YouTube Go. It’s not offofficially launched but available for early access from playstore . It allows user to download videos from YouTube and user can access it anywhere anytime even you can access it in offline . It’s designed light weight and available for Android version jellybean and Adobe. Even user can control data by choosing file size. Overall easy navigation and expected to be launched soon.

Google Lens – an overview

Google I/O Developer conference 

Google I/O 17 recently held by Google at San  Francisco. It’s just a annual developer conference held year but this year it’s has so many features to look around . CEO Sundar Pichai has quoted that “Google is moving towards AI”  .

Google Lens 

Google Lens found to be the opening keynote of I/O 17 . As CEO quoted Google is moving towards artificial intelligence  (AI) Google Lens will be its first step towards it . Product demo found to be a big deal for Google AI . The concept is to show data of person/ object  captured by a smartphone camera .It’s may sound easy but data behind this will show how big it is .

Google Lens
Google Lens demo

Lens vs Bixby 

This seems to be familiar with Samsung assistance BixBy it performs similar data retrieval process specispecifically for shopping.  But Lens is more than that lens works based on Google assistant which ia familiar with Android users .

Sundar said the app will be available later this year. Hopefully beat versions will be available later this year.