Clash of clans – clasher review  

Clash of clan

Clash of clans(CoC) is strategy game available on all popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS. This game was launched on 2012 by supercell.  This is one of the milestone for supercell company . Ofcouser this game holds the record of engaging highest number of users at a time . This app is highly promoted through social media specially YouTube. This is one of the fewer mobile games to have community, blogs,forums and even YouTube channels. 

Clash of clans
Clash of clans

This game never fails to amuse it’s users by it’s update,game festivals,game character..ect. Day after day the game is being developed to give the user a pleasant surprise. It also give users with surprise Christmas and New year gifts .

Game play 

CoC’s game play is similar to many strategy games .This can be played in both single and multilayer mode . You’ll be a chef of a village and you sholud shield your village when it’s attacked by other players . Max 50 person can be a part of Single clans  (only for multilayer).only if you built the clan you can participate in multiplayer events. If will allow the users to share troops via these clans.Recent update allows the user to sail along the ocean and discover new village which has uique features .you can train troops in both village’s and you can go for war . Each village will give you a different war experience.eventhough there so many good features eventually there should be some drawbacks .yes ! It dose this game can be played only if you have internet access and if there is any update you cannot skip those . 

Game of thrones – Game review 

Game of thrones: 

Game of thrones is one the most popular tv show of HBO.  Which is a epic war based story .The narration and screenplay of the series made audience go crazy on it . There are several seasonal ,each one has an unique story.

Game of thrones game
Game review

Game of thrones game:Already game of thrones game is released for PS version and now it is available for of the popular game developer TellTale games has designed this game and it is available on play store now.This story tells of House Forrester, a noble family from the north Westeros, loyal to the Starks of Winterfell. Caught up in the events surrounding the War of the Five Kings, they are thrown into a maelstrom of bloody warfare, revenge and horror as they fight to survive while the seven kingdoms tear themselves apart. You will take on the role of different members of the Forrester household, and determine their fate through the choices you make; your actions and decisions will change the story around you

Game of thrones game
Game of thrones

This game is only avalibe for specific mobile devices like Samsung S2 ,S3..ect if you mobile met system requirements they you should try this game . The visuals are great and the story seems to be addictive. The first episode of the story is avalibe for free then your have to pay for the rest.

Facebook Messenger vs Messenger Lite 


Facebook messenger is one of the most commonly used messaging app with various feature like video call, voice call , .ect . It integrate some fun app in it like games ,photo art ,..ect

Messenger Lite

Facebook recently introduced messenger lite version for low performing phone and bad network regions .To make it lite they have made many changes in app let get it one by one

Messenger vs Messenger Lite
Messenger vs Messenger Lite

Messenger vs Messenger Lite

As said Lite version is for low performing phones the file size of Lite version is less than half of the original version. In Lite version you can’t make video call and also there will be no game tab in it but you can receive game invites from messenger games. It’s also less interactive with the users as there is no animation or transaction effects .to make it more simple there is no chat heads . Since its very small in size can be installed in most of phones in market . It’s even available for older Android version loke gingerbread. One interesting feature is you can move your messenger Lite version to your phone’s external storage. Thus of you want to save your memory space or if you are using a bad network/2G you can use this Lite version.

Google Allo : Preview

   Google recently launched its video calling app with many new features and its running successfully. And now Google is going to launch an new chat app called Google Allo .Lets look into Allo ,

Allo the chat app

Material design:
  Looks like Allo is having the same simple goole themed resembles facebook chat messenger . But the chat window is multi color .seems to be customizable .

Google Assistant:
Like Hike’s Natasha , Google Assistant will give in app suggestion like local shops,restaurant review ..ect. unlike Hike , Google assistant suggests with Google place or maps. So it will very accurate and useful

Google allo

Incognito Chat:
  Allo allows you to chat in Private window so some personal chat history will not be saved . It seems to be an interesting feature hope everyone loves but it also looks like a security threat.

  Allo has an unique quality of sticker collection that will allow the user to send and recive stickers .

  Allo has many new features but the number of chat apps in the market seems it will have a tough fight . Lets wait for the release date .

Insight : over Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is creating buzz everywhere in overnight . Many psychologists accepted  that this game is so addictive . Let have an insight over Pokémon Go.


This game uses almost all the features of you phone like camera,GPS,sensors….ect . The gameplay is very simple using location we have to capture Pokemon like Pikachu,Meowth,abra….ect in the real world and the we have to compete with the other real time player .
Game Attraction :
Unlike other game Pokemon Go uses real world locations . Yes its real augmented 3D game ever . There are several new features that will make you fall in love with this game . Within one week many gamers tweeted that they are addicted and even some caught in accidents .
Game succcess:
This game overtakes most of social network apps like Twitter,whatsapp..ect and has over 9 million real time player in the first week itself . This game is now avaliable for Android and iPhone. This game also hold the fame that it has the most play duration in-game(user engagement) .
Even though the game is pretty cool and very addictive . Its drains your battery, since it utilize you phone features .  Hope it will be the best game of year.