IPhone x – New features

Iphone is a brand of Apple Inc specially for mobile. It’s a huge set of audience over eastern European countries and now it’s market expands all over the world after globalisation.Each iPhone generation has an unique build hardware and software update. As the follow-up of IPhone 7 th generation it’s lined up with the new arrivals of IPhone x and iPhone 8 . IPhone x is the costliest of all .

IPhone x

Features and Flaws :

Iphone 10 or IPhone X has more technical advancement than any other IPhone. Some of its special features .

Face ID

your phone identifies you. Yes ! IPhone 10 will recognize the user by an unique feature called Face Id. This is supported by a specially designed bionic chip.users face will be identified by over 30 thousands of dots and importantly irrespective to light.


IPhone x takes emojis to the next level called animoji. Using face detection it converts an emoji into an animation emoji. And also user can change the voice on this animoji.

Depth sensing camers

Camera is totally redesigned two to provide depth in the photo and give the user with best shoot.

Where is the home button?

Yes ! Iphone X dosent have a home button and replaced with a full 5 inh HD display. And the glassy edge and finishing give you great feel.

Augmented reality

New iOS and Bionic chip allows the user to feel the augmented reality in real life using the rare camera.

Flaws expected

Face ID is expected to be a flaw though it’s tested already but reality conditions may differ. Due to weather conditions, travel ,aging factors…ect. price range iPhone 10 is the costliest of all even the 64GB varient will cost you around 89k and the next varient will cost you around 99k.


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