Loner- Android game review


Loner is developed by kunpo games. Which is an Chinese app developing company. These seems to be their second game and it’s very interesting too.The game is themed to give a lonely relaxed experience.

Loner game

Game paly review

The game is inspired form “flappy bird ” . It is the 3D or developed version of that game . While you start playing the game it will insist you to pluing ear phone you will realise that when you play the game .The unique graphics and music will give you a lonely relaxed feel that will be enhanced on playing with ear phone. The game is to drive an areo plane in an lonely planet .it seems there are 52 chapter each with unique graphics and some music . The game has rich visuals and relaxing music and the game is pretty good to play. The game also offer paid BGM if you wish or affrod you can buy those on googel play.


Bye Bye to Apps on Google play store

Google play store is the primary source of Android apps.There are Hundred thousands of apps and games and are avaliable in this app store . Each give different experience to the user some are good and some are bad.

Google play store

Play Store Experience:

Everyday thousands of app and games are being published on play store. Most of the apps gives very bad experience to users .Recently Google says that it is going to enhance the user experience. As per this apps with less number of downloads and low graphic quality are consider to be low perfoming apps and they will removed from the play store.so play store won’t support these kind of apps and these app will not have further Update. Apps will be ranked based on the perfomance and user experience similar to google page ranking techinques. So users using such app needs to be migrated to similar apps.So as per Google it’s bye bye to Apps!!

Cortana is rolling out for Android!!


Cortana is an personal digital assistant developed by Microsoft corporate specifically for Windows devices later version 10 in desktop and new arrivals of mobile . Which gives a tough compete Amazon and Google. Cortana desktop can sync hundreds of apps flawlessly.

Android version :

Yes !! Microsoft is going to release cortana Android version.The preview version of this app is now available in Google play store . Through cortana you can book tickets, paybill, recharge,..ect and it’s designed to sync most popular games. Other than this the mobile version can be connected to desktop version and can be accessed anywhere . Unlike amazon and Google cortana can be synced with 3rd party gadgets like fitbit,Netflix..ect in desktop version . Hope this can get better in Android since same platform can be synced actively.

Facebook Messenger vs Messenger LiteĀ 


Facebook messenger is one of the most commonly used messaging app with various feature like video call, voice call , .ect . It integrate some fun app in it like games ,photo art ,..ect

Messenger Lite

Facebook recently introduced messenger lite version for low performing phone and bad network regions .To make it lite they have made many changes in app let get it one by one

Messenger vs Messenger Lite

As said Lite version is for low performing phones the file size of Lite version is less than half of the original version. In Lite version you can’t make video call and also there will be no game tab in it but you can receive game invites from messenger games. It’s also less interactive with the users as there is no animation or transaction effects .to make it more simple there is no chat heads . Since its very small in size can be installed in most of phones in market . It’s even available for older Android version loke gingerbread. One interesting feature is you can move your messenger Lite version to your phone’s external storage. Thus of you want to save your memory space or if you are using a bad network/2G you can use this Lite version.

My android !Test your taste

Want to customize your android device?  Now google made it simple . Check in google’s Android site .Few question to answer but it’s very interesting and interacting through its UI . After those question it will suggest few wallpaper ,screen locks and launchers as per your answers (Taste) . 

You can download it if you wish . But it helps you to test how creative are you ? . May this will help google to analyse how users are ? And in future this may help to create  more customized or a stable android version that allows users to customise as per their wish .However , Now let you test your taste and share it on your social media platform with the hashtag #My Android and paste your post link here .