How to swap your SIM service provider without changing the number ? (MNP)

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Mobile Number portability is implemented in various countries around the world . Initially it was started as Fixed line porting and it will be name according to the country in most of the country’s it is termed as mobile number probability  (MNP).This transportation process will monitored by the state or country’s  department of telecomunication (DoT). This process reduce the multi SIM usage and increase compicompitation among network providers 

Mobile Number portability

MNP Procedure: 

 MNP has various procedure across the world let us take India for example . In India if wish to port your SIM to other network providers you sholud  have an active SIM card with at least 90 days old and there should not be any due in payment .if you have this then you can start the porting process .

1)First you have to send an message from the number which you wish to port like Port <9×××××××××> to 1900 which is to TRAI 

2)Then you will receive an UPC(unique porting code ) using this code you can walk into the nearest network retailer and fill the procedure then they will give you a dummy SIM . 

3)This process of porting will take 5-7 days in India where as in us or Canada immediate porting option is available.This process is free and the new SIM will charged 10 -15 as per network operator. 

4)once the old SIM is deactivated then you have to intsert the new (dummy)  SIM .

5)Then you have to call  the specific customer care number to activate the new SIM. 

Thus these are the step to swap your SIM service without changingthe number.  If any queries Comment below I’ll reply with possible solution.

Are you serious in SEO ?Then these SEO tools are must for an startup

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

Optimizing you blog or website so that the search engine can easily crawl data from for it . Manual SEO needs lot of time and human resources but these tools can help you to reduce time and achieve your goal early and easily .

SEO tools
SEO Tools

Top free SEO tools

If you are just a start-up these free SEO tools will help you 

Keyword planner :

Keyword planner is used to research  keywords that can derive traffic to your site .you can type the keywords that you are looking for and estimate the traffic that it can derive . It also suggest keywords that are related to it you can also pick those keywords if you wish.

Robot.txt generator :

This tool allows you to generate a Robot.txt file . This will help search engine bots to crawl easily.and helps bot to identify which page sholud should be shown to the user


This site helps you to find articles that are buzzing around social media that are related to your topic.and it’s also show how many share and retweet the page . So that you can write an effective blog post.

Xml sitemap generator :

This tool helps you to generate your websites site map. Sitemaps are essential to make you site pages indexed properly. 

Google Search console  or webmaster

It give suggestions to optimize your website and make it more easy for user  to navigate. It’s also helps you to analyse how is your site perfomance and how to improve it.

This is similar to Google keyword planner. Helps you to choose the right keyword. 

Top paid SEO tools :

These paid tools will help you to all the  that helps your site to get noticed by search engine 


This is one of the most commonly used SEO tool it’s efficiency and accuracy make it unique and most powerful tool . It helps to check backlink, keyword planner ,site analysis..ect.


This is a similar seo tool that allow you improve your site perfomance cost wise majestic is good but ahref can do more than that. it is specialised for backlink chek. 

Moz :

Moz is similar kind of all in one SEO tool .

Other than these there are many tool that I have not mentioned here like smallseotool ,Alexa toolbar,SEO quack ,yoast for WordPress, may be any tool doing SEO  require lot of time .if you find these tool will help you or you know better tool than these comment below .

Game of thrones – Game review 

Game of thrones: 

Game of thrones is one the most popular tv show of HBO.  Which is a epic war based story .The narration and screenplay of the series made audience go crazy on it . There are several seasonal ,each one has an unique story.

Game of thrones game
Game review

Game of thrones game:Already game of thrones game is released for PS version and now it is available for of the popular game developer TellTale games has designed this game and it is available on play store now.This story tells of House Forrester, a noble family from the north Westeros, loyal to the Starks of Winterfell. Caught up in the events surrounding the War of the Five Kings, they are thrown into a maelstrom of bloody warfare, revenge and horror as they fight to survive while the seven kingdoms tear themselves apart. You will take on the role of different members of the Forrester household, and determine their fate through the choices you make; your actions and decisions will change the story around you

Game of thrones game
Game of thrones

This game is only avalibe for specific mobile devices like Samsung S2 ,S3..ect if you mobile met system requirements they you should try this game . The visuals are great and the story seems to be addictive. The first episode of the story is avalibe for free then your have to pay for the rest.

Facebook Messenger vs Messenger Lite 


Facebook messenger is one of the most commonly used messaging app with various feature like video call, voice call , .ect . It integrate some fun app in it like games ,photo art ,..ect

Messenger Lite

Facebook recently introduced messenger lite version for low performing phone and bad network regions .To make it lite they have made many changes in app let get it one by one

Messenger vs Messenger Lite
Messenger vs Messenger Lite

Messenger vs Messenger Lite

As said Lite version is for low performing phones the file size of Lite version is less than half of the original version. In Lite version you can’t make video call and also there will be no game tab in it but you can receive game invites from messenger games. It’s also less interactive with the users as there is no animation or transaction effects .to make it more simple there is no chat heads . Since its very small in size can be installed in most of phones in market . It’s even available for older Android version loke gingerbread. One interesting feature is you can move your messenger Lite version to your phone’s external storage. Thus of you want to save your memory space or if you are using a bad network/2G you can use this Lite version.

Paid vs Organic Traffic.

Paid Traffic:

Spending money on ad network like Facebook ads, Google AdWords ..ect are and deriving traffic to your website is  meant to be paid traffic.

Organic marketing 

The counter part of paid traffic is organic traffic which can be achieved only by optimizing your site using SEO strategies. 


Paid vs Organic 

Paid marketing(traffic) is done to achieve a goal in short time duration whereas Organic can not be achieved in a day or week it will take some months or even years. If you achieve success in organic traffic then advertise using Paid marketing method can derive you more conversion comparatively. And also organic traffic will give you long time benifites without money. This can be achieved by SEO and SMO .Organic will consume large amount of time and human resources. But you have a budget and knowledge in advertising you can achieve in paid marketing. 

I’ll suggest achieving Organic traffic before any kind of paid marketing is the best marketing practice to achieve your goal.