PUBG ! An immense PvP cross device game

Initial desktop version of Player’s unknown BattleGround (PUBG) an year ago and it’s one of the best selling games till today. Based on the success mobile version was launched this Feb’2018 and has received great comments from both developers and gamers. The game is classified under Multiplayer Battle royale . Currently avalible on desktop , Xbox and mobile (both Android & iOS) . Mobile version of this game is published by tencent games.



It’s simple last man standing game . A group of 100 people will be left in a abandoned island. Once the game starts the player has to survive .The one who stands last is the winner . It add spice to the game the island border will shrink every few minutes. If he’s out of the border. his health will reduce gradually.Allows you to play in survival and multiplayer mode.

Game Discription:

As said it’s a battle royale game allows the user to access all kind of weapons, accessories, gadgets …ect .The game engine provide a jaw dropping graphics and optimize based on the device perfomance. The game holds 1.2GB space and expands based on the device. Allows the user to team up with other players using social media and has chat and voice communication facility. The control and audio quality is very good compared to other similar gener games.


For now PUBG if FREE to play though you can buy weapons and upgrade by paying money. Requires Android 5 and above with active internet connection to play . Playing with friends is always fun . Unreal engine allows user for smooth multiplayer mods. Currently it doesn’t support some mobile models .Finally PUBG is the best multiplayer game and a fine/fun battle royale game of this year.


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