How to buy laptop? – Laptop buying guide

Laptop’s became part of our life and it’s very helpful in this lifestyle to maintain work life balance. Eventhough it’s the miniature version of desktop pc portability and many other features makes it more essential. And now more people are intersted in buying laptop rather than buying a desktop pc .

How to buy laptop

Laptop can be bought by satisfying any one of the below list .

Price range:

Fix a price rage for example if your Max budget is 30k the search for best laptop within the price range of 20k to 30k with the atmost best configuration for that price .

Laptop usage :

You can buy laptop based on one of the following usages home,work,multimedia and gaming for example if you are buying a laptop for home usage you can buy any low configured laptops that you like.


Some people will be keen on the pc’s configuration. They will look for specific processor or graphic card ..ect . If you so you can search laptop with specific configuration. For example i5 processor . Search for laptops with that processor and buy the laptop that suites your configuration and budget


For brand sake, Yeah some people don’t even know anything about laptop’s configuration,OS, usage ..ect but they will buy laptop only for the brand value. If you are looking so choose the specific brand and buy the laptop that suites your configuration or price.

Operating system:

This will play the key factor in buying a laptop. Yes choose the OS you need and search for the laptop that suites you. For example most people will look for Windows OS fix the OS as Windows and search for the laptop that suites you.

These are the things I used see before buying an laptop pc .hope this one help you to buy the best pc.


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