Chatbot on Facebook!!


Chatbot is an autoreply program that allows business page admins to engage their Facebook page audiences. Basic functionality is to auto reply an user/messenger with a preprogrammed set of texts. For example if an user texts your page hi this chatbot will reply Hi, Happy to see you here !!

If you are good at programming then you can add features like updates, promotion ,..ect

Facebook chatbot rollout:

Facebook is one of the powerful social media that has a huge set of audience. Holding a set of audience on your Facebook business page will really help you grow your business and increase you site organic traffic . Facebook can support various per build or 3rd party chatbot . 3rd party chatbot builder such as chatfuel ,text it,convers …ect will help you to build you chatbot with less programming knowledge. If you are good enough to work on API based integration then you add various AI like news bot ,weather bot..ect to you chatbot.once you build your chatbot you a set it as you facebook page chatbot by choosing setting icon on messenger icon if will allow you to add these kind of chatbot.building an effective chatbot will also make your site or Facebook page effective and more valuable .


2 thoughts on “Chatbot on Facebook!!

  1. Carrol Petzoldt August 9, 2017 / 5:17 pm

    Did you get some of your thoughts from here (similar ideas)


  2. Loris Rudnicky August 9, 2017 / 11:38 pm

    Did you get some of your thoughts from here (similar perspective)


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