Google Lens – an overview

Google I/O Developer conference 

Google I/O 17 recently held by Google at San  Francisco. It’s just a annual developer conference held year but this year it’s has so many features to look around . CEO Sundar Pichai has quoted that “Google is moving towards AI”  .

Google Lens 

Google Lens found to be the opening keynote of I/O 17 . As CEO quoted Google is moving towards artificial intelligence  (AI) Google Lens will be its first step towards it . Product demo found to be a big deal for Google AI . The concept is to show data of person/ object  captured by a smartphone camera .It’s may sound easy but data behind this will show how big it is .

Google Lens
Google Lens demo

Lens vs Bixby 

This seems to be familiar with Samsung assistance BixBy it performs similar data retrieval process specispecifically for shopping.  But Lens is more than that lens works based on Google assistant which ia familiar with Android users .

Sundar said the app will be available later this year. Hopefully beat versions will be available later this year. 


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