How to prevent cyber attack/Ransomware by “wannacry” ?

First we need to know what’s a ransomeware to prevent it .


Ransomeware is a malicious program /file that locks user data in the computer and it will be unlocked when user pays a ransom amount of money.  


Internet world is under attack by an cyberattack /ransomware . “Wannacry”is an hacker group is responsible for the recent ransomware attack .usually it spreads through  e-mail it may sound crazy but yes it is .user will receive a malicious program that will lock user data in the computer and it will not allow user to access it unless  user pays an amount via Bitcoin.

Once you pay that money via Bitcoin user will recive a key to unlock it . Then only user can asscess the data from the computer.


A britan student Marcus Hutchins has come up with  a solution to block this wannacry ransomeware. He designed a program called “kill switch”which runs on a kryptos logic which generates key to unlock these ransomeware . Microsoft the most attacked operating system by wannacry has asked it’s user to update the Windows system because most of the computers that were attacked are older Windows version.


 User can prevent this cyber attack by ignoring malicious/ spam mails with ” .exe” files .don’t click on pop ups on browser when your surfing .don’t download unauthorized application . Safe browsing ,use only sites that has “https “.


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