Best Launcher’s to customize your phone

Based on simplicity, performance and customization the following are the five launchers to customize your android phone.

Solo Launcher:

Solo launcher is very simple to handle and also is occupies only less amount of space .and its absolutely free to use . some of its features are :

Quick Gestures: Solo launcher allows you to create various quick gestures and it is very easy to assign apps to the gesture.

Themes and Wallpapers: There are numerous themes and wallpapers and they are unique

Nova launcher:

Nova launcher has tons of customization , off-course some options are Paid . Nova offers two variants Free and Paid version.Most unique features of Nova launcher are as follows:

Gestures: Similar to other launcher Nova allows you to create own gestures but for all options you need to get paid version.

Scroll Effects: Nova offers you various scroll effects and app drawer animation and they are quite impressive.

Unread Counts: It allows you to display unread counts in notification bar for most commonly use apps like whatsapp, Facebook,mail..ect and that too with customize options.


Google Now:

Google Now offers you much more facilities than other launcher but app drawer customization is not much impressive than others.Impressive features are:

Quick Access: Most of the google product comes with Google Now as the default launcher and apps are easily accessible.

Ok Google: Now offers you the ok google , which operates phones major app using voice commands and also allows you search google.

Yahoo Aviate:

Yahoo’s Aviate is another simple launcher that doesn’t have much customization but its very simple to use . some unique features are:

Smart Stream: Aviate allows the user to flow to app drawer and contact just by swiping left and right . Apps are organized by A-Z and frequently used.

Unique Wallpapers: Aviate provides the user with lots of unique wallpapers through Flicker and also it allows the user to change the wallpaper automatically through internet .

GO Launcher :

GO launcher occupies large space simultaneously with lots of customization .It has lot of default apps like clocks, smart lock,keypad ..etc for unique customization and smooth performance some unique features are:

Widgets: Go launcher allows the user to create more personalized widgets , but most are like plugin apps so it occupies much space in your phones memory.

Hope ! These apps will help your to customize you phone . These ratings are based my personal opinion and user reviews in google play store .


2 thoughts on “Best Launcher’s to customize your phone

  1. bestapplock November 23, 2016 / 2:40 pm

    Thanks for sharing this app. Useful to me. 🙂
    Just wonder if you could also review our app ‘LONPIC’? just like its name, it’s used to make long pictures, can collage several photos into a long, tall, skinny picture, just like those photos on Pinterest. There are diary mode, classic mode and movie mode. You can add text for each photo, and make the photos like a film. easy to handle, pretty effect. If you have any interest please let me know. Thank you.


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