Top three torrents – Top Torrents

Torrents are the easiest way to download large data files like movie,games,application ..ect . Torrents sites said to illegal in many country as they are supporting /engaging the users to download cracked version of original software application and games . Even in some countries they are blocked by the government but they are available by changing the domains .some site constantly change their domains via VPN to divert the privacy issues.

Top three trusted torrent sites are mentioned here
1)kickass torrents
Kickass torrent shortly called as Kat . is trusted on the basis if safety of the computer . the site seems to be pretty cool and easy to search . most of the search results seems to verified by them.

Torrent Site 

Torrentz is most commonly used torrent site and mostly preferred in India .but its contains some malfunctioning application and adware . so beware of those application .File that has more peers and no. of download seems to be the good one (make a note)
High quality media files and movies. Commonly used as HD movie torrents.

Some of the sites that are mentioned may not be available in some countries due to restriction and this is not based any quality measure . But based the user experience . And in some regions there are better torrent’s may be available .


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