How to test performance of Samsung phone?

There is a service code that you can dial on your phone to access this diagnostic menu and perform different hardware functionality tests on your phone. You can perform test like screen test including screen colors and Touch functions, Vibration, Receiver, Sensors, Speakers, Keys, front and rear cams, Led lights and more.

Phone Codes that can help you !!

Dial *#0*# from your phone and you will see the following screen with 15 different hardware test buttons.

Mobile Test

On this diagnostic menu first row to buttons Red, Green and Blue are the screen color tests that shows any dead pixels of the screen or tinted effect if any.
Test Phone Receiver : By pressing Receiver button you will hear a beep that shows receiver working fine and if you don’t hear any beep then phone might have problem with its receiver.
Test Vibrator : Vibration button will test the phone vibrator and your phone will vibrate continuously to stop it press the back button or tap the screen.
Screen Dimming Test : Dimming button and you will see phone screen divided with RGB gradient colors, tap again on the screen and screen should be half dimmed, hit the back button two times to go back.
Back/Rear Camera Test : Mega cam button used to test phone’s rear camera, tap this button check the camera view, perform focus test and take a picture.
Sensors Test : Using Sensor button you can perform all sensor test on your phone including Accelerometer, Proximity, Barometer, Lights, Gyroscope, and Magnetic Sensor.
Touch Screen Test : Touch is major test on the phone, tap it and touch each box on the screen to fill it with green color. If all filled with green then screen touch test is passed.
Sleep button will test your phone’s sleeps functionality, once you tap it to test your phone will be in sleep more and you need to wake-up with power or home button.
Speaker Test : Hit the Speaker button to test phone speakers, when you hit the speaker button you will hear repeating sound until you tap this button again.
Phone Keys Test : Sub key button used to test the keys on the right and left sides of the home buttonFront cam is similar to Mega cam button.
LED Light Tests : LED is test to check phone’s alert LED light.Low Frequency button used to perform different LCD frequency tests


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